The site at Glebelands, and much of the surrounding area, was used to grow vegetables at the turn of the 19th century.  The combination of flat, sandy loam soil , and close proximity to the expanding city made it an ideal location, and supported many small market garden sites in this period.


We grow on standardized beds of 50ft  by 2.5ft, using intensive cropping methods in combination with low-till cultivation.  We maximise output whilst preserving the quality and structure of the soil.   The land is cultivated using hand tools specific to small scale market garden production.  Our plants are either raised here by hand, from seed, or sown directly into the ground. Planting, harvesting and packing are also done entirely by hand.  


We specialise in a range of about twenty crops. You can find our produce at Unicorn Grocery, in weekly boxes supplied by Veg Box People and at restaurants and caterers around the city through Manchester Veg People.

Glebelands City Growers is now managed by Charlotte Mason and Adam Rayne.  For more information please contact us.


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